Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ethnic sketches of Russians by Gloria Poole of Missouri

"Circassian" in native costume sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri, 2014 on paper

"Russian skier" sketch in ink by Gloria Poole yr 2009 with my handwritten notes 

Russian Orthodox priest sketch by Gloria Poole, yr 2009

Preliminary sketch for oil painting "At the foot of the cross there is room for all people" by Gloria Poole ; yr 2007

"Russian boy" sketch w /my handwritten notes by Gloria Poole; yr 2009

"Russian" sketch by Gloria Poole; yr 2009 

"Russian" sketch 2 by Gloria Poole yr 2009 

I, Gloria Poole, residing in Missouri but born in the state of Georgia in the U S, drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded all of these sketches of Russians I saw either on TV, in the news on web, in magazines or missions news but I altered their faces and physical appearance so they are not identical to photos if the photos are of private persons. I did try to replicate the costumes and authentic clothing  to a degree . I met some Russians when I volunteered wit the Friendship Force in Atlanta, GA and I liked them. They were kind to me and very curious about the U.S. My duty was to meet them at Hartsfield International airport and walk them through the airport to their connecting flight.  After that, I visited a Russian Orthodox church in Gwinnett County and then attended a meeting with the Atlanta-Tbsili sister cities group. I also like Russia's President Putin for his bold and uncompromising stand against sodomy and homosexuality in Russia. So, these are some of the sketches I drew when I saw photos marked clearly as Russian over time span 2007-2014 present. I have made a conscious effort to draw and paint, sketch the major ethnic groups and continents but there are many many more to do in my mission to paint an oil painting representing every ethnic group, tribe, nation of the world. 

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For the record to clarify for good people: I, Gloria Poole, am a single ,white, Southern Baptist Christian woman with brown hair,  and I am the natural mother of only two "children' who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh.  I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, single again, twice-divorced , prolife activist, personhood amendment promoter, republican, artist in all mediums, cartoonist, illustrator, photographer, poet, writer, blogger, citizen journo, U S citizen,former TV producer of Tapestry of LIFE ; and University of Georgia alumna. I divorced the second time in Arapahoe County Colorado from male DBP in Oct 2007 and at that time I removed the Pappas surname from my name forevermore, and I resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole. I moved to Missouri Oct 31, 2009.  I post different phone numbers to different blogs and I rotate them periodically for purposes of my own safety. My second exhusband DBP made many threats to kill me and did try to kill me several times and crippled me in July 2006 . You can read more on my blog in my former married name [that is not a marriage since Oct 2007 when final divorce decree was signed in Arapahoe County Colorado by District Court Judge at Centennial, CO] on my blog I began in those years :; and also on my blog in my real name of, and on the about me page of it also. Also see has my oil painting I painted of mother and newborn; and

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