Monday, April 22, 2019

Clip art I drew w/ computer & added in Springfield, Missouri

This is some of the clip art or doodle art I drew using a computer that belongs to me which worked about 5 hours before criminals broke into it years ago. This is one of the few things I accomplished with that computer that costs me a bundle. I am adding it here because I when I saved it to my computer I also saved it to an external disc [storage ] of mine. That's a good thing because the criminal thugs that had control of this account of mine from Oct 2017 until today 22 April 2019, stole all the art out of the "google drive" I had stored it in. Google drive is not reliable!

Also, I moved to Springfield, Missouri in Sept 2018 . And this year bought new computer, new router, some new phones which also got hacked big time about 2 weeks ago, so I could retrieve some of my accounts from criminals who stole a ton of my personal things, and some of my papers as I moved from Columbia Missouri by moving company in Sept 2018 to Springfield, Missouri.

Today is 22nd April 2019 at 10:11am central time just in case the date/time function of google for computers has been hacked too.

I have updated other blogs of mine after weeks of trying to retrieve my name, identity and login credentials. Some of those blogs I updated recently are:

I am updating about as much as I can at the present time. I had to read through ten years of notes of mine to find some of the login information that was asked for to verify myself.

I am not linking my blogs for a reason but viewers can type the info of them into their web browsers to view updates.

I still have brown hair, still walkabout, still pray, still paint/sketch/draw and doodle at times. Since 15 years of art I created signed and photographed was stolen outa my google drives, I might not add art I create in the future to blogs. I am adding art that google knows and probably some of the public knows because I posted it before, so Google will recognize me as me.

Gloria Poole, RN, artist; Springfield, Missouri