Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4 Sketches of red roses made today by Gloria Poole, RN,artist of / in Missouri since Oct 2009; Update

These are the sketches I, Gloria Poole,RN, artist of / in Missouri since Oct 2009 drew and painted on 21 June and 22 June 2015, and 1st July 2015 that I wrote about on my,on 21st of June,2015. I created these, signed these, photographed them, uploaded them and posted them to this blog of mine, as always.

This is the sketch I made last evening with inks and I used a sponge to create the background by dipping it in ink and dabbing it in places and using 2 different shades of green. I also tried again that method of creating pure white when using liquid medium of blocking off ink with art masking fluid to shape the roses and then peeling it off when dry and painting in the roses with a brush and ink. It is 8x11 on paper. I decided to add it to this same blog of sketches I made on the 22nd so viewers could compare to see if I am making progress.

This is sketch 3 in a series of rose sketches I am making while thinking on the oil painting I have begun. I painted the background on the oil painting, wasn't sure if I liked it, had to wait for it to dry to proceed, so am making sketches. In the past few days I photographed the rose bouquet I was given last week from many different angles and realized every rose in it was different! So, I decided to try to sketch them. This sketch 3 which I completed a few minutes ago is ink on 8 x 11 paper.

This is sketch 2 of a particular rose then a tiny rose in subset to see it that method looked more like rose. This is inktense with wash of water over it. It is not perfect either. Sometimes the only good thing about some sketches is to use them as progress indicators, to see how much you improved, when you compare them with later sketches.

This is sketch 1 of a series of rose sketches that I began on 21st June because I had a red rose bouquet that was full in bloom, and I had the time to attempt to draw and paint them. The "rose" in front I re-painted about 4 times trying to make it look convincing. But alas, it doesn't! So, I began again two more times. I am going to draw and re-draw roses until I can make them look like roses. Whether I will post them all, I do not know. There have been so many break-ins to my account from remote by cyber-thieves and identity thieves by an imposter site that is infringing my name and copyright and I am making efforts to get it taken down off web. There was also what is called a 'revenge p-o-r-n site " trying to ruin one of my twitter handles that probably put up by prodeathers who are always trying to find some way to ruin me. I am a Registered Nurse first licensed in state of Georgia where I was born and worked there as R.N. for 26 years before getting involved in the prolife cause and the art making stage of my life. It is an on-going battle to protect my name and identity on web, and the art and photos I make also. This sketch is on 8 x 11 inkjet paper and is mixed media of ink, watercolor, inktense, and markers. I got so exasperated with that first "rose" in foreground that I outlined it with a marker which did not help! So, making sketches is a learning experience totally.

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