Friday, October 9, 2015

Ethnic series sketches of W Africa, AfroAmerican and Pakistan painted by me Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse, artist of Missouri and Georgia

This is the ethnic series sketch of a "West African" that is similar but not exact image and I modified the costume from the photo I saw in a magazine. I usually only use the poses and costumes that I see, and modify the faces especially if the person in the photo is a living, private person. I drew this, painted it soft pastels, signed it, photographed it and uploaded it as is true of ALL art on this blog. This is 9 x 12 paper in my sketchbook of the moment. Copyrighted.

This is an ethnic series sketch of an "Afro-American". I drew this based on an actual man who lives in the same apartment building I live in and that I have seen his hair as he went down the stairs when I was sitting on my balcony. I do not know what his face looks like, so I made up one. I happened to look up one day as he was headed down outside stairs and saw his dreadlocks. I draw sometimes sitting on my balcony and when I do I am sort of absorbed in it. I am sure he has to be American or naturalized citizen to live in these apartments. I do not know him but his hairstyle is somewhat common in US for black men. So, I thought he was good example for Afro-American in series. So, the face on the sketch is NOT a real man, but the hair is similar to a real man who is totally unknown to me. This is 9 x 12 paper in my sketchbook and I drew it first in graphite, then painted it with "soft" and "hard" pastels and chalk, and signed it, photographed it, repainted a portion of it, rephotographed it,uploaded it, and posted it to this blog of mine. I follow the same process for all blogs of mine: I create original content, sign it if art, photograph it, upload it and post it. Copyrighted.

This is my ethnic series sketch I painted yesterday of a young woman from Pakistan. I am reasonably sure that I modified the robe enough that no living woman could be identified, since they do not wear bright colors as a general rule from all I can tell from the news. It is also similar but not exact image to a living young woman in news. I have painted a Pakistani "taffy puller" before and I think that sketch is also on this blog in the archives. I have painted on the "ethnic series" I began in year 2006 intermittently ever since, trying to paint an art image of every ethnic group in the world, which is quite a task! I had no idea how MANY ethnic groups with same language, customs, skin tones,religions there were when I set that task for myself in year 2006! If you scroll back to the first few posts on this blog and then come forward in time, you will see many of those paintings and sketches. I have the actual art I created so these are photos of it only. This is 9 x 12 in my sketchbook and is chalk, soft pastels, watercolor and signed by me with acrylic as a matter of necessity since I couldn't make my signature appear over the black background with watercolors. I am not sure I have the skin tone right in this sketch for a Pakistani, because in the photo the woman appeared almost Caucasian but I know Pakistani people are not caucasian so I made the skin browner, but I am not at all certain it is correct. But I am sure that Pakistan like most countries has some Caucasians so it is possible. Also, you can see more of those in my online albums including; and Copyrighted.

Also, in past week or so, I painted 2 other ethnic series sketches of a Norwegian and a Navajo Indian {native American] and I put those sketches on my :

and on my, respectively.

Also, thanks very much to my viewers in United States [my country] and also Germany, France, Russia, Turkey and Morocco. I am glad to have an international audience.

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