Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bird & sailing sketches painted by Gloria of and in Missouri on 6 May 2015

This is the sketch I drew yesterday afternoon while looking at a CNN photo in the news. I loved the photo but alas! I couldn't paint water that looked so clear and effervescent as it did in the photo, so I changed tactics and just tried to paint what looked to be ocean water somewhat.And then this morning I re-pained it some again and decided whether it was perfect or not, it was done because I was getting frustrated with myself for not being able to paint it better. So anyway, here is is. As always for all art on this blog, I, Gloria Poole [RN,artist in Missouri but born in state of Georgia] , drew it painted it, signed it, photographed it and uploaded it and have the originals. This is 11 x14 on paper in my sketch book and it acrylic and watercolor. Also, scroll down to see three more of the bird series of sketches I have created/drawn/painted over time and posted to blogs. Bird watching or "birding" as some conservationists call it, is much fun. And so is squirrel watching. This morning as I was on my balcony for fresh air I saw a squirrel run into pool area that is enclosed by gated fence, and he seemed surprised at the water in the pool and changed course mid-way to head toward the back gate and slipped back through the gate into the shrubs. And I laughed! Because I wondered if he would be curious enough to try to get into the water or taste it, but he clearly was not interested in that and sped away as fast as 1-2 inches long would take him.

This bird is named a "common yellow-throat" . This is watercolor on 11 x 14 paper in my sketch bok clipped to my portable drawing board.

This is a bluebird sketch but whether it is exactly true to a real bluebird, I cannot say. It is sort of my version of a bluebird. I have seen real bluebirds many times, but I usually watch their movements instead of closely observing their coloring and feather patterns. This is watercolor on 11 x 14 paper in my sketch book. I drew it, painted it, signed it [as always] and photographed and uploaded as is true of EVERY photo of art I made on this blog.

This is a "white throated sparrow" and I drew it and painted it, signed, photographed it uploaded it.

This is a "yellow rump warbler" that I drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded and it is also 11 x 14 on paper in watercolors.

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