Friday, September 26, 2014

Windmill sketches by Gloria Poole of Missouri and Georgia as mini-exhibit

I, Gloria Poole, drew, painted, signed, photographed, uploaded all art to this blog. See copyright below sketches. 
" Windmill in polychrome" sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri ; created  by me on 22 Sept 2014 but uploaded today 26 Sept 2014 also by me Gloria.  I drew this with polychrome pencils [which are not watercolour pencils] but sort of acrylic in a stick. I waited to add to blog while I thought on it some. I saw windmills when I visited Europe twice in the 1990's and I was fascinated by them. I much prefer the old-fashioned kind I sketched than those new pencil-skinny white pole with 3  blades new type.  The reason I almost didn't add this is because I didn't think the river in front of the windmill, nor its shadow in the water  looked right.  I almost declared it a do-over without posting it but decided why not? When I repaint it maybe it will look better. Water is not easy to paint for anybody; and I keep trying. 
I , Gloria Poole, also drew, painted signed photographed and uploaded these other two sketches of windmills, by referring to photos  of real places, then modifying them sort of to make it as I wanted it to look. Which is called "artistic license"-- artists can paint it anyway they like sort of idea.  It is also posted on another blog of mine. 

"Town Square windmill" sketch by Gloria Poole of Missouri yr 2013. This sketch is one I created of a windmill in the center of town. I was referring to a photo of a real town but I modified the windmill and the city houses and buildings behind it because I preferred red and green than the pastel colors they had on their buildings.
Also, I painted a large oil painting of a windmill years ago after I returned from Europe and it was stolen from me.  I had stored it in a storage facility on St Simons Island Georgia when I lived there, but then moved from Georgia. It was in perspective to show me standing next to a windmill in Europe that towered over me. In fact, with my arm outstretched to try to touch the base of the windmill, I couldn't quite reach the top of the platform the windmill sat on. 
My signature I painted on a palette to make a sort of icon for my blogs.

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For the record and to establish provenance of art I have already created also: the art I have created and signed and posted to this blog of mine is part of an on-going series of art I created since year 1991 beginning in Atlanta, GA that "blossomed"  in year 2005 in  Aurora, Colorado when I lived there for one year [May 2006-May 2007], and art began to really become an integral part of my efforts to save the baby humans from premeditated destruction. In 2005, I began to realize I could use the art to illustrate my talking points in some cases, and to build a secondary "career' for me as artist.  In the year 2006 when I had endured and lived to tell about it a violent crash down a flight of stairs and had trauma, fractures, concussion, because my then-husband DBP tried to kill me to 'make it look like an accident" and he tried to twist off my broken leg, I had immobility for months except on crutches and walking boot after surgery to repair fractures and implant metal. As I sat with leg propped up I began to draw daily and paint to occupy the time and my mind. I also began to post art to the web on my blogs and websites, and also photographs I had photographed. I began a series of art then that is named "ethnic series by Gloria" [me] to attempt to draw and paint an art work of every ethnic group tribe, language, culture in the world and I created eight initial oil paintings in the first batch and posted them to the web on domains of mine.  I moved from Aurora to zip code 80203 for 2 and 1/2 years and then moved to Missouri on Oct 31, 2009 with the art I had in my possession at that time. I paint some of the sketches I created  in do-overs into oils on canvas and those are very visible on the web. I put many of them on my mini exhibit of art at, and also on my Picasa albums at

 I, Gloria Poole, am a white, Southern Baptist Christian, brown-haired woman, single-again, twice-divorced,natural mother of only two children who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, and also a republican, personhood promoter, prolife activist-blogger, photographer, artist in all mediums, poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, University of Georgia alumna, U S citizen born in the state of Georgia [but I lived in several places including New York, UK briefly, Nebraska, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina], former TV producer,tweeter, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [but before that in Georgia, UK, other states], owner/writer for words that WORK, and Tapestry of LIFE, photographer, and citizen journo . Gloria Poole is my real, born with legal name and I resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole legally by Court order at the time of divorce from male DBP in Colorado in Oct, 2007 at Centennial, Colorado; and I also removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore at the time of final decree in Oct 2007 . I was glad to end that four year horrible marriage of multiple trauma and injuries to me caused by male DBP, [which I testified about in Court on several occasions ].  That second divorce is public record in the state of Colorado, and my first divorce is public record in the state of Georgia. I have created art regularly since 1991, and I had formal training in drawing and in mixing colors /paint and painting in oils and I post much of the art I create on blogs of mine. You can see some of that art on one of my name blogs at and see the about me page of that blog for the list of art blogs I own and post art too, that are all different. .

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